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MCDC Mission

Located in the downtown area of Staten Island New York, MCDC is formed to afford promising and dedicated young dancers the opportunity to study with the dance community’s most distinguished dance educators and to compete against other talented young people across the country! Miss Cheryl's Dance Company is Staten Island's Elite dance school servicing dancers of all ages.

What I love most about teaching is witnessing the progression in my students, whether how big or small.  That's determined, hardworking students who can achieve their goals as a dancer beyond measures and I love that. My mission as a CEO / Instructor of MCDC is to prepare my students for the big world by guiding and teaching them core values;
Remain humble, No matter how far you get. Having a competitive spirit-You always have to fight for a spot in life. 
Having respect-Respect yourself and others at all times by knowing your worth. Confidence - Love yourself and the confidence will show. 
                          -Miss Cheryl

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